I am a Ph.D. student and Benjamin Franklin teaching fellow at the University of Pennsylvania's Department of Music. I make research about how ecological events like global warming and mass extinctions impinge complex temporalities, materialities, scales, and affects on sonic creativity. Specifically, I consider this problematic with respect to vocal experimentalism, sound art, and performance art. I interlope between philosophical, musicological, anthropological, historical, and ecological methods and analytics. I am developing and practicing methods for communicating my research via experimental form(at)s—installations, media works, sonic layering—that cohabit, exceed, and disrupt the normative spaces and relations of academic communication. In doing so, I aim to design events for theorizing and inviting new practices of listening. As such, I opt for "making research."

My essay “Attunement to Protest Vocalities Beyond the Human (Microphone)” is forthcoming publication in the Oxford Handbook of Protest Music (Noriko Manabe & Eric Drott, eds.).

Last updated: July 2018

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