I am a Ph.D. student and Benjamin Franklin teaching fellow at the University of Pennsylvania's Department of Music. I make research about how ecological events like global warming and mass extinctions impinge complex temporalities, materialities, scales, and affects on sonic creativity. Specifically, I consider this problematic with respect to vocal experimentalism, sound art, and performance art that unsettle the constitution of “nature,” “vitality,” and “vocality.” I interlope between philosophical, musicological, anthropological, historical, and ecological methods and analytics. I am developing and practicing methods for communicating my research via experimental form(at)s—installations, audiovisual interventions—that cohabit, exceed, and disrupt the normative spaces and relations of academic communication. In doing so, I aim to design collaborative occasions for theorizing and attuning to the conditions of our ecological precarity.


My essay “Attunement to Protest Vocalities Beyond the Human (Microphone)” is forthcoming publication in the Oxford Handbook of Protest Music (Noriko Manabe & Eric Drott, eds.).

Audiovisual intervention at Ambler, PA BoRit asbestos site.

“I come from there, I come here,” ? I come from my place, where ? Installation with Larissa Johnson.

a voice like

Last updated: November 2018

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